Periodontal and Implant Price Guide

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Treatment Quantity Fee (€) Comments
Consultation   95 Including OPG X-Ray & CT Scan
OPG X-Ray   50  
Non Surgical Treatment   225 per quadrant
Periodontal Surgeries: Gingivectomy From 450  
  Flap Surgery From 600  
  Regenerative Surgery From 700  
Soft Tissue Graft (Gum Graft)   From 750  
Surgical Extraction   From 500 (If no implant placement)
Frenectomy   300  
Exposure   From 500  
Crown Lengthening 1 – 3 teeth From 500  
  4+ teeth From 750  
Implant placement   From 1500 (excluding Crowns)
Sinus Lift   From 1600 (per side)


All of the above treatments are tax deductible and certain procedures may qualify for insurance contribution.