Paediatrics Price Guide

Just to let all our patients know. We will remain open throughout Level 5 as we are providing an essential service. Burlington Dental Clinic
Paediatric Dental Prices  
New Assessment (Not including x-rays) €250
Review Visit (inc fluoride treatment & polish) €200
Trauma Review €180
Bitewings €60
Periapical €30
Opg €65
Fillings (White)  
Primary Teeth €200
Primary Incisors (full coverage strip crowns) €400
Permanent Teeth molar €250-€350
Permanent teeth incisor €250-€350
SDF €80
Stainless Steel Crowns  
Primary Molars €350
Primary Aesthetic Crowns (White Veneer) €450
Permanent Molars €450
Fluoride Varnish Treatment €60
Hygiene Visit €90
Diet Analysis with Hygiene instructions €90
Sports Mouthguard €125
Fissure Sealants  
Molar teeth €60
Oral Surgery  
Primary Tooth Extraction incisors-molars €200-€250
Permanent Tooth Extraction €250
Surgical Extraction €450-€600
Interceptive Orthodontics  
Space Maintainers €450
Removable Appliance €500
Root Canal/Pulp Treatment  
Pulpotomy €150
Pulpectomy €200
Permanent Incisors (apexification) 1st stage RCT €500
Calcium Hydroxide change €200
RCT review appointments €180
Nitrous Oxide Sedation €175 per session
Aesthetic Treatments  
Microabrasion €350 (includes composite)
Bleaching €500
Composite Veneer €250-350