Dental Price Guide

Just to let all our patients know. We will remain open throughout Level 5 as we are providing an essential service. Burlington Dental Clinic
Dental Prices Dr Caoimhe McGrane  
Paediatric Assessment (to include diet advice, oral hygiene instruction, fluoride treatment and polish) No x-rays €95
Child/Adult Review €80
Preschool/First visit €80
Bitewings (2 x-rays) €50
Periapical €30 each
Opg €50
Prevention Treatments  
Silver diamine treatment €40
Fluoride Varnish Treatment €30
Scale & Polish €70
Diet Analysis €30
Behaviour conditioning €30
Fissure Sealants  
Primary Molars €30 each
Permanent Molars €40 each
Permanent premolars €30 each
Fillings (White)  
Primary Teeth €100-125
Permanent Teeth €150-250
Preventive resin restoration/ glass ionomer €100-150
Stainless Steel Crowns  
Primary Molars From €150
Primary Tooth Extraction €100-120
Permanent Tooth Extraction €150
Laboratory Treatments  
Night splint €350
Sports mouthguard €100
Essix retainer €100
Tooth whitening €350