Paediatrics Price Guide

16/03/2020: In light of all the recent world events, please note the clinic is closed until further notice. In emergency and for patients of the clinic only please contact 01 668 4357. Stay safe and we hope to see you soon
Paediatric Dental Prices  
New Assessment (Not including x-rays) €200
Review Visit (inc fluoride treatment & polish) €150
Trauma Review €150
Bitewings €50
Periapical €30
Opg €55
Fillings (White)  
Primary Teeth €150-€200
Primary Incisors (full coverage strip crowns) €300
Permanent Teeth molar €200-€300
Permanent teeth incisor €200-€300
Stainless Steel Crowns  
Primary Molars €300
Primary Aesthetic Crowns (White Veneer) €450
Permanent Molars €400
Fluoride Varnish Treatment €50
Hygiene Visit €80
Diet Analysis with Hygiene instructions €80
Sports Mouthguard €150
Fissure Sealants  
Molar teeth €50
Oral Surgery  
Primary Tooth Extraction €150-€200
Permanent Tooth Extraction €200-€250
Surgical Extraction €250-€450
Interceptive Orthodontics  
Space Maintainers €250-€300
Removable Appliance €350-€500
Root Canal/Pulp Treatment  
Primary Incisors €150
Primary Molars -€200
Permanent Incisors (apexification) €500
Nitrous Oxide Sedation €150 per session
Aesthetic Treatments  
Microabrasion €250 (includes composite)
Bleaching €300
Composite Veneer €250-350