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All-on-4 Lectures May 2007

Burlington Dental Clinic is delighted to present this year’s lecture topic: All-on-4. This will take place in our Lucan clinic.

Burlington Dental at the EAO

In October the European Academy of Osseointegration held its annual meeting in Dublin’s Convention Centre. Over 2,000 participants from Europe, Asia and the Americas attended the 3 days of lectures,

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Mouth Cancer Awareness Day 2013

Oral cancer is any cancerous growth in the oral cavity (mouth).  In Ireland there are 300 cases of oral cancer annually.  Globally 124,000 people died of oral cancer in 2010

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Sports Drinks & Your Teeth

SPORTS DRINKS AND YOUR TEETH A distinction is often make between “soft” or “fizzy” drinks and “sports” or “energy” drinks.  We tend to think that “sports” and “energy” drinks are

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Mouthguards Part 2

Mouthguards:  Helping to prevent dental trauma during sports We dentists have an obligation to promoting the use of well-fitted & properly designed mouthguards to prevent dental trauma.  Your dentist is

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