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Burlington Dental at the EAO

In October the European Academy of Osseointegration held its annual meeting in Dublin’s Convention Centre. Over 2,000 participants from Europe, Asia and the Americas attended the 3 days of lectures, workshops and industry forums. The most popular industry forum was Nobel Biocare’s called ‘Tomorrow Now” with over 700 participants. Nobel Biocare is the “original” implant company after Prof Per Ingvar Branemark discovered the principle in 1952. It is the largest and most reputable implant company and Burlington Dental Clinic has been exclusively using their implant systems since their inception.

The panel of speakers included Peter Worhle of Newport Beach, California, demonstrating the new Nobel Clinician treatment planning software, Nobel Guide surgical approach and the high end aesthetics for which he is known. Dennis Rohner of Aarhus, Switzerland again demonstrated the need for meticulous planning as he showed his technique for the remote integration of implants in the fibula (shin) to allow for reconstruction of not only jawbones destroyed by cancer but also restoring the patient’s chewing function and aesthetics through immediate function. Paulo Malo of the Malo Clinic in Lisbon gave us an overview of the evolution of his “All-on-4” treatment protocol which allows for restoration of complete arches of teeth by placing 4 implants strategically, avoiding bone grafting and allowing restoring immediately.

Paul O’Reilly of the Burlington Dental Clinic was asked to moderate this session and it proved to be a lively affair with great audience participation and a group discussion that continued until time was called and everyone adjourned to the conference party.  Watch the short video here.