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Burlington Dental Clinic Lecture Series 2013

After the success of the last two lecture series, we are happy to announce the start of our 3rd  lecture series is just over a month away!  Attached is the schedule to the new series of three lectures.  We have carefully selected fresh, up-to-date topics which we hope you will find exciting but more so we hope these topics will prove beneficial to your day to day patient care and practise.

If you haven’t yet RSVP’d – do so now to secure your seat for 2013.

The 1st Lecture is on Thursday the 19th of September, the 2nd lecture on Thursday the 24th of October and the third and last lecture on the 21st of November.  Each lecture begins at 7pm and we aim to finish before 9pm.



or telephone:  01 6684357


Follow the link below to our website for full directions to the Hermitage:

Remember that all the lectures are taking place at the HERMITAGE MEDICAL CLINIC:

The Conference Room – 2nd Floor

The Hermitage Medical Clinic

Old Lucan Road

Dublin 20

Refreshments will be served.

Looking forward to seeing you for a new & exciting program!